Special Needs Partnerships Matter.

PenBay is well-versed in special needs trust, including the preservation of the beneficiary's benefit.

PenBay serves the needs of the differently-abled community.  Special Needs Trusts are estate planning vehicles to provide access to trust funds without risking the benefits provided by public assistance programs, which are predicated on income and asset restrictions.  Special Needs Trusts, when administered correctly, do not count against applicants for qualifying purposes.  PenBay is well-versed in the management of government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, etc., and in addition to our fiduciary role over the trust’s assets, we also help to protect and preserve the public assistance vital to your loved one’s well-being. Our Special Needs offering includes coordination of personal services to better support your beneficiaries and their quality of life.

In addition to our typical duties as trustees, we offer:

  • Special Needs Trust Services At No Additional fee;*
  • Coordination with Health Care Professionals;
  • Coordination with Beneficiary, Conservator, or County Representative, as required;
  • Monitoring of government benefits;

Status updates to family and facilitation of family visits, as applicable.

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    The PenBay Difference

    We deliver complex fiduciary services in a simple way.